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11 February 2020


Київський академічний театр "Колесо", Kyiv, Ukraine
UAH 220
11 February 2020

Зарубежная доходная недвижимостьЗарубежная доходная недвижимость

Бизнес конференц-холл "INVERIA", Зал “INSPACE”, Kyiv, Ukraine
11 February 2020

Сырный вторник с фондюСырный вторник с фондю

Сырное королевство на Пушкинской, Kyiv, Ukraine
UAH 250
9 February 2020

Football from BrainHubFootball from BrainHub

СК "Полёт", Kyiv, Ukraine
UAH 120
8 — 9 February 2020

February 8-9, Interactive with guests "Sky horses"February 8-9, Interactive with guests "Sky horses"

Ancient Kyiv in the Principality of Kyivan Rus, Kyiv, Ukraine
from UAH 80
5 — 9 February 2020

Interior Мebel 2020Interior Мebel 2020

International Exhibition Centre, Kyiv, Ukraine
UAH 80
8 February 2020


Mystery Play - Игры с погружением, Kyiv, Ukraine
UAH 550

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