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Trade show

Bike-Expo / Alp-Expo 2017

Second B2B exhibition of​ bicycles and outdoor brands. 7 and 8 of September - Business days, 9 of September - consumer day.
7 — 9 September 2017
Russia, Moscow, Sokolniki Exhibition Centre
Trade show


ANNUAL MAKEUP SHOW IN MOSCOW MAKEUPDAYS will gather again all, brands, makeup artists and everyone, who care about beauty in one place for acquaintance, communication and most importantly, buying cosmetics with gorgeous discounts.
8 — 10 September 2017
Russia, Moscow, Loft 'Nadezhda' Trekhgornaya Manufacture 123456, Moscow, Rochdelskaya street, 15 Metro station "Ulitsa tysyacha devyat'sot pyatogo goda"
Trade show


Exhibition and Business Forum for professionals of bicycle industry www.mbbd-expo.ru
14 — 15 September 2017
Russia, Moscow, ММС, Pav. 75, Moscow
Trade show


27 — 29 September 2017
Russia, Moscow, CEC "EXPOCENTRE"
Trade show

XVIII Международная выставка-продажа «Формула Рукоделия Москва. Осень 2017»

Масштабное мероприятие, посвящённое разным видам хобби. В двух павильонах КВЦ «Сокольники» на площади в 9 000 кв. м будут представлены материалы и инструменты для всех видов рукоделия от производителей и дистрибьюторов, авторские изделия от мастеров.
28 September — 1 October 2017
Russia, Moscow, КВЦ «Сокольники», павильон №4, конференц-зал 2
Trade show

28-th specialized exhibition-forum "International Real Estate"

Investate. International Real Estate
20 — 21 October 2017
Ukraine, Kiev, International Exhibition Centre
Trade show

Experimentanium museum

Музей "Экспериментаниум"
2 January — 31 December 2017
Ukraine, Kiev
Trade show


Симпозиум по эстетической медицине – уникальное сочетание научно-практических мероприятий и выставочной экспозиции, традиционная площадка для коммуникации специалистов отрасли. Симпозиум дает полное представление о современном состоянии и тенденциях в эстетической медицине.
17 — 19 January 2018
Russia, Moscow
Trade show


Robostation is an interactive exhibit of the future. Here you can communicate with exponents, get new knowledge, experience and expressions, be laughing, surprising and loudly talking, trying on, inventing, playing and creating new things.
1 April 2017 — 30 April 2018
Russia, Moscow, VDNKH