Master class

Лекторій з нейронаук Brainy. Лекція Нани Войтенко. Сон і мозок.

Усі знають: сон вкрай важливий для здоров’я людини. Але мало хто знає, які фізіологічні процеси відбуваються під час сну. Можливо, саме тому більшість людей так легковажно ставиться до одного з найважливіших процесів, що уможливлюють наше активне життя.
1 February 2017
Ukraine, Kiev, Chasopys Creative Space
Corporate event

Церемония вручения Национальной премии в сфере инфраструктуры «РОСИНФРА 2016»

Стратегический форум «Транспортные системы России»
27 February 2017

The China & Asia Textile Forum 2017

As a main body in the global textile industry, China's textile industry is fully developed in Asia and relevant industry chains are well developed.
13 — 14 March 2017
China, Yangtze shanghai hotel

Инфраструктурный конгресс «Российская неделя ГЧП 2017»

Российский Инфраструктурный форум "неделя ГЧП"
28 — 31 March 2017
Russia, Moscow, The international multimedia press center of MIA " Russia Today"

8th Green Vehicle Convention 2017

The GVC (Green Vehicle Convention ) series conference and exhibition is one of the stars produced by CDMC Company. It is the world’s largest and most important event focusing on the commercial and technical aspects of the electric vehicle industry.
6 — 7 April 2017
China, Beijing
Trade show

Second International Trade Show of Electric Vehicles Plug-In Ukraine

Plug-In Ukraine trade show Will help the customer to get accurate information about all types of individual EV - cars, bicycles, scooters, motocycles - and make the right choice.
7 — 9 April 2017
Ukraine, Kiev, KyivExpoPlaza

CISOLAR-2017 Odessa. 6th International Conference and Exhibition «Solar Energy of the Eastern Europe and Ukraine»

5th International Forum and Exhibition "Solar energy in the Eastern Europe and Ukraine"
11 — 12 April 2017
Ukraine, Odesa, Odessa, Ukraine

The 4th China Aviation New Technology Forum (CANTF) 2017

The Annually China Aviation New Technology Forum is the event in China that focuses wholly on the key, strategic issues that affect the operating of commercial aircraft and helps airline departments to manage the operational benefits and the revenue opportunities available with connected airlines
12 — 13 April 2017
China, Shanghai Hongqiao Airport Hotel

4th China Gas Turbine Focus 2017

During the 4th China Gas Turbine Focus 2017,you will hear senior executives, corporate officers, and government regulators talking about the developing opportunities of gas.
27 — 28 April 2017
China, Shanghai, Shanghai

8th China International Energy Storage Station Congress 2017

The 8th China International Energy Storage Station Conference which hosted by China Decision Makers Consultancy (CDMC) will be held in ShenZhen, China on May 25th, 2017. We are looking forward to seeing you in 2017.
11 — 12 May 2017
China, Shenzhen Shi, Shenzhen