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4th China Gas Turbine Focus 2017

During the 4th China Gas Turbine Focus 2017,you will hear senior executives, corporate officers, and government regulators talking about the developing opportunities of gas.
27 — 28 April 2017
China, Shanghai, Shanghai

8th China International Energy Storage Station Congress 2017

The 8th China International Energy Storage Station Conference which hosted by China Decision Makers Consultancy (CDMC) will be held in ShenZhen, China on May 25th, 2017. We are looking forward to seeing you in 2017.
11 — 12 May 2017
China, Shenzhen Shi, Shenzhen

6th China Airline Ancillary Revenue and Merchandising Conference

The annually China Airline Ancillary Revenue & Merchandising Conference is the only event in China, which focus on providing a communication platform between Airlines from China and abroad to share ideas, learn the new solutions and establish the potential business opportunities
18 — 19 May 2017
China, Shanghai

2017 Global Asset Allocation Focus

GAAF2016 is designed by CDMC events to bring together about 500 elites from Private Banks、Wealth Management Companies、Fund、Security、Insurance、Trust、Family Offices、Overseas Real Estate、Overseas Education Consultancy、Government Association and so on. As the theme: you can learn about industry concerns such as "Innovation Promotes Industry Upgrading"、"The Great Age of Global Asset Allocation"、"Private Banks Make Asset Allocation More Sophisticated"、"Development Strategies of Family Offices"、"Education -- An Eternal Investment"、"Overseas property is thriving"by participating in various activities like keynote speeches、round table discussions、awards ceremony、1-1 business meeting.It will be a great international communication platform for industry insiders to learn and network.Struggle together for a better future.
25 — 26 May 2017
China, Shanghai, Shanghai

2017 China & America Precision Medicine Forum

he conference will invite 800+ high-level representatives from government regulators, industry associations, hospitals, research institutes, pharmaceutical companies, life sciences and biotechnology companies, CRO companies, big data solution providers, investment institutions.
22 — 23 June 2017
China, Shanghai, Shanghai