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Frequently asked questions from event organisers
  1. Why do I need the TicketForEvent service? By using TicketForEvent service you can fully automate theprocess of registering visitors on your website, payment processing for tickets and identification of visitors at the entrance (check-in). You can easily customise the service and place it on your website, and your customers will fill out the registration form, buy tickets online and receive them by e-mail.
  2. I organise an event. How can I create the service for it? Simply register on the website — you will get the access to your personal admin panel, where you can use all the tools and create the service. Customise everything — from currency and price discounts to the service itself and tickets design.
  3. How long does it take to install the service and how it works? It takes only 5 minutes to place the service on your website. Just customise the service, copy the automatically generated code and paste it into the event’s page. The same code can be placed on any other websites and as well as on pages of social networks.
  4. Can I customise the design of the service? Yes, you get to pick a  design for the service and its features on your own. Also you can place the TicketForEvent service as a ticket sales widget, a button or an interactive map of the room. Also you can use the link in your own banner directing to online ticket sales.
  5. Do I need any software to work with TicketForEvent? No, you don’t need any software. Everything is done online. Just sign up and start to work.
  6. Can I create my own visitor profile or do you only offer standard ones? You can completely customise the login page for visitors and participants of any structure and complexity: all the tools are available in your account.
  7. What payment methods can I offer to my visitors? The TicketForEvent service provides more than 90 payment methods, both international and local. They are bank cards, Internet banking, automatic invoicing, web money, payment terminals and mobile shops, as well as cash payments.
  8. Can I set up different ticket types: various prices, different days or with the other features? You can create an unlimited number of different ticket types; also you can limit the quantity of tickets and set the timespan. In addition, if you choose the "badge" option instead of "ticket", you can adjust the color identification of different user groups by assigning a color to each type of  badge.
  9. I want to offer discounts for tickets. Is that possible? Yes, you can offer a discount (individual or a group one). In order to do so you need to create and customise them: you can limit discounts depending on time and quantity and also use them for individual tickets.
  10. My event will be held in a hall. Can visitors pick a seat? Of course! Moreover, TicketForEvent enables you to set up an interactive scheme of the hall and sell tickets with the choice of seat, like in a cinema. The seats to choose are highlighted depending on the type of tickets, as well as on their availability status. Visitors get to pick the seat directly on the hall scheme and then move to the next step of registering and making payments.
  11. How are tickets sold to legal entities? Our staff will take care of all issues and provide accounting support when working with legal entities and will provide them with all necessary documents.
  12. How can I get in contact with the registered visitors and provide them with the additional information? You can do this by using the e-mail newsletter feature directly in your account. To get in touch with the visitor directly, check visitor information in the completed registration form.
  13. How can I be protected against ticket falsification? Each e-ticket has an unique barcode and QR-code, which can be scanned at the entrance by a web camera or a scanner. That is how each ticket is protected from falsification.
  14. How does controlling of the visitors take place? You can arrange visitor control using your computer and our free software. For barcodes or QR-codes you will only need the scanner / webcam. The control can be done online or offline, on entrance and exit, synchronizing multiple entry points. Take care of your visitors and do not make them nervous staying in long lines.
  15. Where can I get the scanner for tickets? If you do not have the scanner, we can rent it to you. Please send such requests, complete with the name and dates of your event, to our email no later than 1 week before the event.
  16. How can I learn more about my visitors and participants? All completed registrations are shown in your account. Flexible filters will help you to easily sort, analyse and export any data.
  17. Do I need to sign a contract? Yes, it is necessary because financial obligations occur between event organisers and TicketForEvent. Our manager will get in touch with you shortly after you have signed up for an account on TicketForEvent.
  18. Where do payments for the tickets go and what are the payment arrangements with you? We do all payment processing: payments first come to our account, then we transfer them to you. The time and the order of payments depend significantly on the residence of the organiser. Please contact our manager in your area for more information.
  19. How safe is it to sell tickets through TicketForEvent? How do you control the security of payments and keep personal data safe? We take care of the safety and security of our database — this is one of the main principles of our corporate policy. Security of payments is verified by international standard CPI DSS and by signed agreements with banks and payment systems that provide processing. We value our customers and protect their databases. Attention: do not grant anyone with the access to your TicketForEvent account.
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