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ITEM 2015

Nowadays Information Technologies is one of the most progressive domain. IT Evolution Meetings (ITEM) is the annual event devoted to highlight the latest trends in IT, share the newest technologies and practices of software development. This year ITEM 2014 speakers will share the popular technologies and trendy IT solutions as well as changes which are coming to Ukrainian IT education thanks to patriotic activists of IT industry of Ukraine. Besides, this year the conference participants will know the unique approaches to technological workflow applied in well-known foreign IT companies. Moreover, you will see the non-sophisticated tech practices are followed by Ukrainian though worldwide IT institutions. 10 leading TOP-managers and Profi of the largest IT companies of Ukraine will outline the fast-changing IT reality in timeframes of the current year. However, they will also show to Ukraininan IT community how they personally participate in this dynamic changes and how information technologies change the modern world for better!
6 — 7 June 2015
Ukraine, Pishchanka, Business & Relax Hotel GoodZone


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