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Additional Services

For events that need more than it comes out of the box

Price list of additional services for event organisers

Service Price, USD Comment
Ticket shop customisation
1.1Simple customisation with technical support: site header layout, background colors and minor corrections in text blocksfrom 49
1.2Medium complexity customisationfrom 99
1.3High complexity customisation: (interactive elements, list of events, custom solutions)from 299
Development of interactive hall schemes and further corrections
Development of an interactive scheme
2.1Simple hall scheme: rows of seats in rectangular sectorsfrom 99
2.2Middle complexity scheme: requires additional large number of elements, complex seats ordering from 199
2.3High complexity scheme: the places in the form of tables, multilevelfrom 399
Corrections to existing schemes
2.4Copying a scheme into another event19
2.5Changes in price zoningfrom 20
2.6Visual corrections (elements repositioning, adding decor, new seats)from 49
Custom template for PDF tickets, badges, invoices
3.1Simple: replacement of texts and graphics49
3.2Average: coding a fully custom PDF using graphic sources authored by the organiserfrom 199USD 100 discount if you keep the TFE logo
Assistance in widget integration
4.Placement of TicketForEvent buttons or widgets on websites20/hour
Barcode generation
5.1Custom barcode and invoice numbers19
5.2Tickets generation using a table of visitors prepared by the organiser1 per ticketDiscounts possible for 1000 tickets or more
Cheсk-in services (devices for rent; support, crew, software usage training)
6.1Сheck-In training29/hour
6.2Scanner for rent10/day
6.3Support staff at the event15/hourOnly Kyiv and Moscow
6.4Support person with a laptop at the event19/hour
6.5Administrator support at the event35/hour
Modest branding
7.1No TicketForEvent logo on PDF tickets, ticket shop, email notifications and widget.149
8.Accountant consulting20/hour
9.Delivery of finalised package of closing documents to the event for participants49
10.Off-hour money transfer15
11.Manual invoicing by request (for foreign agreements)7 per account
12.Support via phone. We will call customers, whose orders are awaiting payment (purchase closing), or failed2 per 1 call
13.Organiser control panel how-to assistance29/hour

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