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27 September — 12 October 2019

School of Finance DirectorSchool of Finance Director

Киев, Kyiv, Ukraine
UAH 9,520
10 December 2018

ITEAHub MeetUp. Easy financeITEAHub MeetUp. Easy finance

Heroiv UPA Street 80, L'viv, Ukraine
UAH 250
8 April 2015


Webtransfer, Kyiv, Ukraine
16 April 2014

International TaxationInternational Taxation

Главный офис ТОВ "Бейкер Тилли", Kyiv, Ukraine
UAH 1,500
25 November 2013

Funds Transfer PricingFunds Transfer Pricing

Главный офис ТОВ "Бейкер Тилли", Kyiv, Ukraine
UAH 2,500

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