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Restaurant Business Forum in Dubai

The project of Yulia Chesnokova and Dmitry Levitsky for "our" restaurateurs who have achieved success in the world, from New York and London to Hong Kong. Unique personal networking, the strongest speakers, answers to all your questions and the opportunity to open a restaurant anywhere in the world!
8 — 12 November 2018
United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Gastroexpedition to Mexico

The trend of recent years and a new line in the list of the World Heritage of UNESCO - Mexican cuisine! We definitely need to go there, learn all the secrets and ingredients, get acquainted with the leading restaurateurs and chefs, expand the gastronomic and cultural horizons. This is a real gastronomic expedition, which you can not miss!
18 — 25 November 2018
Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico City, Mexico

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