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Project Management for Non-Project Managers 2017

This two-day seminar will begin by laying the foundation for the subject by first defining what a project is and then discussing the unique roles that the project manager must assume along the length of any project
21 — 22 сентября 2017
United States, Baltimore

Leadership and Team Development for Managerial Success 2017

Managers who will be promoted are the ones who not only manage efficiently but also lead their teams effectively. Learn how to work in a horizontal mode of operation
28 — 29 сентября 2017
United States, Boston

FDA's Latest Regulations for Computer Systems Used in the Tobacco 2017

The Tobacco Control Act went into effect by FDA on June 22, 2009. Through this ruling, the FDA regulated cigarettes, cigarette tobacco, roll-your-own tobacco and smokeless tobacco, but in 2016,
5 — 6 октября 2017
United States, Richmond