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Trend - tour to Hong Kong

The strength of this city and its special thinking will give you the same charge of knowledge, a new vision of the gastronomic and business world, an unconventional approach to projects, business models that will help you expand the restaurant business - the horizon for your new ideas!
25 — 30 March 2018
Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Food & Design tour in Morocco

An inspirational trip for restaurateurs and designers to the country at the junction of the African and European worlds. From concept to dish: how to create a restaurant of ethnic cuisine. Unique experience and a real gastronomic adventure
9 — 14 April 2018
Morocco, Marrakech, Morocco

Шпаргалки ресторатора. Как построить успешный ресторанный бизнес - интенсив Дмитрия Борисова

Шпаргалки ресторатора. Как построить успешный ресторанный бизнес» - интенсив известного украинского ресторатора, бренд-шефа и владельца сети ресторанов – Дмитрия Борисова. Дмитрий прошел путь от создания маленького ресторана с командой в 15 человек до целой ресторанной империи.
21 April 2018
Ukraine, Dnipro, Место уточняется

Restaurant trend tour to London

Leading restaurateurs and trendetters of London will share stories of successful projects, ideas, innovations and trends. You will find relevant projects for the development of your business, learn how to open a restaurant or bar in London, you will learn the secrets of operational management of pro
23 — 27 April 2018
United Kingdom, London, London

Шпаргалки ресторатора. Як побудувати успішний ресторанний бізнес - інтенсив Дмитра Борисова

"Шпаргалки ресторатора. Як побудувати успішний ресторанний бізнес" - Інтенсив відомого українського ресторатора, бренд-шефа та власника мереж ресторанів - Дмитра Борисова. Дмитро пройшов шлях від створення маленького ресторану з командою з 15 чоловік до цілої ресторанної імперії.
28 April 2018
Ukraine, Vinnytsya, Место уточняется

Trend tour to New York + Chicago to restaurateurs

​Program for restaurateurs in New York Presentations, lectures, master classes, excursions from the best gastro-experts. Visiting trendy restaurants and bars, seminars on the management of restaurant business.
13 — 21 May 2018
United States, New York, New York, United States of America

Trend tour to Barcelona

​Unique projects, gastro-spaces, innovations on a plate and in equipment - a stream of ideas for your restaurants and bars together with the atmosphere of the city will give a huge charge to move forward! Excellent opportunities for networking.
3 — 7 July 2018
Spain, Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

Food & Design Tour in Copenhagen

We decided to discover for ourselves and for you the mystery of the Danish phenomenon, and create another platform for communication between professionals -Restors and Designers-as part of our gastro-design travel to Copenhagen.
16 — 20 August 2018
Denmark, Copenhagen, Copenhagen

Trend tour to Paris

Leading culinary experts argue that bistro - a new trend in the restaurant world. Cheaper and more democratic than in restaurants, better and more interesting than in street eateries - this concept is followed by numerous bistronomy to the whole world.
8 — 14 October 2018
France, Paris, Paris

Restaurant Business Forum in Dubai

The project of Yulia Chesnokova and Dmitry Levitsky for "our" restaurateurs who have achieved success in the world, from New York and London to Hong Kong. Unique personal networking, the strongest speakers, answers to all your questions and the opportunity to open a restaurant anywhere in the world!
8 — 12 November 2018
United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Dubai - United Arab Emirates


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