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For Organizers

3 easy ways to host a successful event!

Create service

Create your professional registration form

Quickly and easily create a registration page of any complexity

Give your registration page a unique web address (URL)

Customise the page design and start registering your event visitors online

Add different ticket types

Create different ticket types

Specify the ticket sales period

Choose the form of the ticket – ticket or badge

Assign each group of visitors a uniquely coloured badge

Customise service and ticket design

Change the text or place logos, maps or charts on tickets

Adjust the view for the ticket sales widget or the button linking to the registration page

Provide discounts

Set up wholesale discounts and add promo codes

Set amounts and duration for discounts

Use them in your advertising campaigns or provide to individuals

Sell tickets

Create an affiliate network for your event

Invite your partners to sell your event tickets

Set common or individual commissions

Provide your partners with ad materials

Keep track of sales statistics

Offer more than 90 payment methods

International and local payment methods

Online and offline payments

Automatic invoicing

Make accounting easier – let us handle all the paperwork

Learn more about payment methods

Sell tickets on your website

Insert a button or a widget to sell tickets on your website in just 5 minutes

Set up an interactive diagram of the hall and sell tickets with seat choice option

Send newsletters by email to your contacts

Use the built-in email newsletters tool

Inform your clients about event news and changes

Import your own contacts

Check attendees

Keep track of all registrations and ticket sales online

Get email notifications each time a ticket is sold

Keep an eye on the sales statistics in your account 24 hours a day

Use the pre-registration feature – confirm or decline participation requests

Analyse statistics

Get 24-hour access to all information in your personal account

Use flexible filters to search, analyse and sort data

Export data in various file formats

Check in

Download our free TFE Entry Management Tool to monitor visitors at the entrance

Synchronise multiple entry points

Scan a unique QR-code/barcode on the ticket using a webcam or scanner

Technical support

We are always ready to answer your questions on TFE

Provide detailed information on the effective use of all TFE tools

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