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Forum Zakupki Харьков

Пятый всеукраинский Forum Zakupki, главное отраслевое мероприятие в сфере закупок, которое соберет представителей бизнеса и государства для обмена опытом.
19 October 2017
Ukraine, Kharkiv, Вільний простір Fabrika, вул. Благовіщенська, 1, Харків

Радислав Гандапас "SelfMadeMan: самоменеджмент и самомотивация"

Радислав Гандапас "Самоменеджмент и самомотивация"
24 October 2017
Ukraine, Kharkiv, Отель " Premier Palace Hotel Kharkiv"

Manuel De Vits - Sales on the European it market. Kharkiv

Want to get a charge of motivation and interesting ideas in the morning? Then you definitely need to come to our breakfast! Manuel De Vits is a Belgian sucessful salesperson. When deciding to move to IT, his deals in B2B Automotive Industry for companies like Carrefour, Auchan, Vodafone, Telefonica,
25 October 2017
Ukraine, Kharkiv, Кафе "Гостиная"

Visiting Prospects & Sales at Conferences

Guys, welcome the first part of our 2-day workshop! Our legendary speaker is Manuel De Vits! Are You always dreaming of talking with an expert of sales? Then You have a great opportunity to do it! Even his presence already grows your sales.
25 October 2017
Ukraine, Kharkiv